Taiwan Local Artists: An Interview with Helen Hu


MN: So, can you tell us a bit about how you first got into making art?

Since I was able to hold a pen I’ve been drawing, as most kids. The turning point was probably in 7th grade art class, when we had to draw a realistic self portrait. That was the first time I drew something realistically and I received a lot of encouragement. So I just kept drawing more enthusiastically after that.


MN: Could you give some details about your collaboration with Music Nest? (only answer this question if you’ve been featured on Music Nest.)

I did a wall painting on the balcony of music nest. It’s a surrealistic mountainscape with flying fish and winged eyeballs.

MN: What advice do you have for people if they also want to explore the Art/Music making?

Do it, start playing, experimenting, have fun. Most people are too shy to start, ironically. They see other people who create and feel intimidated or discouraged because they think they won’t be able to do it that well. It doesn’t matter whether something is good or bad, just try it out, do it your way and once you have found your path, you won’t have to compare yourself to others thinking you’re less good, but instead realize that it’s just different. Not better or worse. But most importantly you have to have fun, because that is the spark that will keep you going when you’re facing lows of self-doubt.


MN: What do you like most about making Art?

I see Art as language. It gives us a broader outlet to express and also new ways of thinking and feeling. What I like most about making art is the constant challenge, the endless possibilities and the fact that you’re making something out of nothing. And once you’re ready, that something can be shared with the outer world, sparking something in the viewer.

MN: What (Art) medium do you like to use (Oil paint, spray paint, acrylic, resin, water color, etc)?

Uff. That’s a hard one. I like experimenting and an art supply store is like a big playground. I’ve tried a lot of different mediums and each of them have something great about them that another medium can’t give. It’s fun to mix media and combine things together. A year ago I started painting in oil and I can see why it was and still is the “go to” medium for most artists. It’s so versatile and you can tweak it so much that you can get almost anything you’d want. Usually I change my mind a lot during the painting process but since oils dry so slowly, it gives me time to work in my own pace, painting and repainting layers over layers. (Downside of oils is the smell, unhealthy fumes of thinners/certain colours and the tedious cleaning process)


MN: Talk us through a typical day of you making Art.

Wake up, paint until noon, have lunch, go to work, tattoo or draw (I’m a full time tattoo artist), have dinner and paint until I go to bed.


MN: Where can we find your Art?

You can find my artworks on my Instagram called “whoishelenhu” and my tattoo works on “helen_13inksc”.



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