Taiwan Local Artists: An Interview with Christine Lü

MN: So, can you tell us a bit about how you first got into making art?

CL: I have loads of friends who are artists and watching them being so creative inspired me to try it out myself too!

MN: Could you give some details about your collaboration with Music Nest? 

CL: I painted Music Nest venue’s walls in the living room, the floor and I made Music Nest’s stickers for marketing.

MN: What advice do you have for people if they also want to explore the Art making?

CL: Grab some pens in your favorite colors and start drawing something you love! The first portrait I drew was my lover! It was just so motivational to draw the beautiful adorable things out!

MN: Talk us through a typical day of you making Art.

CL: Coming back home from work around 7 and look for a good music playlist and start creating! (I’m a full time recruiter for English teachers by day so art starts from night time!)

MN: What do you like most about making Art?

CL: It’s enjoyable in the producing process and the result makes me happy and makes people who see it happy.

MN: Where can we find your Art?

CL: You can find my artworks at Music Nest, my Instagram at ‘ChristineLuTW’ or at my websitewww.christinelu.art

Check out her recent artworks:


Artist Bio

ChrisTine Lü is a color addict… and a new-born artist. She never really started drawing or making art until July 2018.  Although she didn’t create art in the past, she has always known what she likes and dislikes in terms of color combinations and her preferences.

In the year of 2016, she started participating in artistic parties in Taipei and was often involved with Art and Music.  

The creative friends surrounded have greatly influenced her trying out to use colors to express her visions.

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