Music Nest Record Label

Welcome, Thanks for taking interest in the Music Nest Record Label, we’re here to help.

Music Nest has expanded into Record Publishing. We’re here to support the independent artist and gain another footing into the ever increasing challenges of the Music Industry, we understand first off how difficult it is to maintain a career in this industry so we aim to provide assistance to the artist through the Music Nest Community and it’s access to professional resources such as audio engineering.

Your music is in good hands, Music Nest works closely with Cazenove Music & Sound which does all the mixing and mastering for us. Check out their website for examples of their works. Your art will be taken care of with delicacy and precision to bring out all the nuances the music deserves.

Music Nest is for the artist, the passionate team is driven by the Love of Music and not for monetary gain. As a Record Label it is another platform for you the artist to pursue. We are operating under the Creative Commons License, so if you decide to release your music with us, you can also release your music elsewhere.

Utilizing Music Nest Record Label offers the Artist many benefits. Primarily, you will have access to professional Mixing & Mastering by Cazenove Music & Sound for free, this offer is for limited time only. Secondly, you will have access to the Music Nest Community who can help promote your Music so it can be heard by many more. Thirdly, you increase your chances of maximizing your revenue from your music through album purchases and online streams.

If all that sounds good to you, then please download the application form for further details and how to submit an application. We are delighted to work together and help each other.

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