Artists (Musical) 演出音樂人

Below are the Artists that have graced the Nest and we are tremendously proud of them. Support your local artists here in Taiwan or international by checking out their Music online or purchasing their Music, Big Love ❤

Episode 0 – The Pilot 開幕活動紀錄

Episode 1 第一集 – Sarya Wu, Joshua Gerardi, D.J Kool Klone

Episode 2 第二集 – Alan McIvor, Duanger

Episode 3 第三集 – Jason James Guthrie, Ellery Prescott, Sha Dra & Tony Quander

Episode 4 第四集 – Andrew Goode, Brian Simon, Lemonfacer

Episode 5 第五集 – Ellie & Anjoli, Bryan Kunkel, Dizparity, The Guy

Episode 6 第六集 – Fumarolles, Anti-Hero, The Cook, The Thief

Episode 7 第七集 – Boney Kross, Isoterrik

Episode 8 第八集 – Avocado Baby The Mango Messiah, Max Chou, Tytt

Episode 9 第九集 – BuwanBuwan Collective (Philippines)

Episode 10 第十集 – Gary Chen, KidEquip, .Coffee

Episode 11 第十一集 – Elliott Grimes, Youguey, Acid Witch


Exclusive with Sinistarr & The Real Hojo

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