About 關於【樂巢】

A Platform for Musicians, Bands, DJ/Producers and Music Performance Art.
At the Music Nest, Our aim is to help cultivate and nurture Music Creators & Performers by providing a space where people can come together establish community and support the artists, making friends & having fun in the process.
Online hosted streamed events are held to create a world wide audience to showcase local & foreign talent.
We invite any Artists of any genre of music from angelic orchestral pop to dark minimal techno to come perform at the Music Nest, to showcase their art, be heard and grow a following though the Nest Community.

The Music Nest in it’s first incarnation is based in Taipei – Taiwan, located in the lush surroundings of Tiger/Elephant Mountain.

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我們熱情地歡迎任何各種地藝術家、音樂人 – 不論是從唱天使音的聲樂家,到比較黑暗的極簡派電子音樂,都歡迎一同來樂巢參與表演,一起用聲音和音樂地陪伴來慶祝生命!